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tv   [untitled]    February 9, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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direct benefits we are going to see. and as other convention sights increase we're not able to track all of the differences. i'm happy to support this today and i'm excited about the changes that will impact your neighbors. it will welcome tourists and particularly seniors. we're happy about the pedestrians safety and underwriters job that our community will have access to >> and thank you president. we here in budget the committee
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thifd some of the differences. it will create over 3 thousand construction jobs and its stemmed to increase over 3 thousand permanent jobs over years. and also i should be net positive this is going to be net positive in terms of the sales and revenue and we're going to be seeing net positive changes for our general fund going forwarding. it's a win, win >> and let me ask if there are any members from the moscone center that point to make any comments. >> good afternoon today is the
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culmination of a year worth of work and so i know that hotels have cast ballot and are here today to represent their views. i want to thank you for your consideration if i have any questions i'm here to answer that >> and that was the lady in the resource department. >> so first if there are any members of the public who wish to speak in sports of the moscone project, each person will have two minutes per person. >> hello i live in district 6 and moscone center and the south market we - if we didn't have
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this center we want to keep in mind that many people needs some type of recreation especially on the second and third when people are kaupth in their neighborhood and s r hotels. when others are parting in our city till 4 or 5 in the morning. we're hoping that the moscone is a multi purpose community promising. as you know people in our district don't have enough to do and they get in proubl. moscone and harvey miles are for
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human rights and we voted on this. i think you should keep in mind we need to have a change of customers to work out this project and i thank moscone center. i worked there for years i want to make sure it's welcome to all citizens of this community. thank you >> thank you next speaker. >> thank you for all the time you spent on this issue. i don't think we can say anything for positive. this is a great benefit for san francisco and we appreciate partnering with you on this project >> thank you next speaker.
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>> good afternoon supervisors my name is kevin and i'm the decorator thought he hotel council for san francisco. we support this moscone project. the big hotels and the small hotels and conferen convention . this is one of the most important income generators. because in the city we have the downtown hotel that fails and when the hotels don't have room we have the moscone center.
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the hotel council is proud to be partnering are the moscone center. we've heard from a lot of the managers from the hotels and we want to thank you for your time already and your help are the expansion district and thank you next speaker >> hello supervisors i'm charley i'm with the operating engineers and i want to start by thanking you all for your service. the engineers represent he over 40 thousand union members across four states. this project has a special
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significant to me. this week i had the pleasure of interviewing candidates from our city program. i'm here advocating for another project here in the city. operating engineers have a letter ofnd with city build we recognize the importance of all the projects here. it puts people to work. we support the local high ordinance and with that i urge you to take the appropriate action to move this project
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forward. thank you >> thank you. next speaker >> good afternoon supervisors i'm david local 3. i concur with my colleague charley on this issue. to find a way to expand the business here in san francisco is very important. i'm very excited to see there are over 3 thousand jobs to be generated in san francisco. i'm happy to see the construction of our construction teams to come in and build this project and with that to make it nice and short. i concur with everybody to move this project forward >> next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors
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and good afternoon to your staff. i'm randy i'm a operating engineer in local three. i know you've heard all kinds of reasons today and in the meeting before. this project is a good investment in the city of san francisco and a good investment in the people of the city of san francisco and i urge you to move this project forward please. thank you >> thank you. next speaker please and i'm with the local unions in san francisco. on behalf of our local union and all of our members over 4 thousand we urge you to move forward with this project. a lot of our members will
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benefit not only from the construction jobs also the permanent jobs that this job will create. thank you >> are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in sport? any members who wish to speak in opposition? arrest all right. l are there colleagues any concluding remarks >> i want to introduce a no non-substantive amendment. this would go into page 12 i'm online 16. approval of this ordinance by the board shall not be - the
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city will conduct a review following further design and study. under any facilities or grant or entitlements to the trust the city remains the discretionary package. we wish to ever see it go forward or do not outweigh the project. we want to see any adversaries
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basket or benefits. it's just an amendment to say the board is not held to pass or reject it today. and some of the numbers are to be changed as follow >> let me ask are there any other members of the public wishing to speak? no. and supervisor kim has made an amendment to 11 and let's take this to vote. and colleagues why don't we give the department a time to check and count the ballots. so we'll recess until 420 to
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vote on the special-order and then the amendment we just adopt. let's recess until >> welcome back to the board of supervisors meeting of tuesday february 5, 2013. we have been establishing the
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business improvement and the hearing has been held in closed. i understand is clerk has received the relatives. now if we could hear the ballot results >> yes with respect to whether or not there is a objection. for a million total yes votes and whether or not to a form the district is 14. million or total proposed assessment and the total is 5 hundred and 37 thousand which is 3 point of the total proposed assessments so no there is not a majority of vote.
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total proposed assessments in the district is 18.4 million and total yes, and no votes combined in the 82 percent in the district so, yes there is a majority participation and finally, to the question of is there too thirds support - do at least the majority support in levy of the assessment total votes yes cast 14.3 million total no cast votes 5 hundred and 37 thousand or 6 percent so, yes there's a total of - it
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satisfies the criteria for the board to go head >> thank you any questions? okay. any further discussion at this time given there is a majority perhaps and there is a two-thirds' in levy of the assessments madam clerk call the roll think 20 in the improvement district >> (calling roll for the votes). >> supervisor mary. >> supervisor wiener, wiener i.
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supervisor. there are 11 is >> the reduction is adopted. and 11 is amended why could we take them one at a time time. the ordinance is passed on the first 3. and 11 as amended without objection that ordinance is passed and item 12 same house, same call the resolution is adopted >> yes today's meeting will be adjourned on behalf of the entire board of supervisors of supervisors for the late dr. arlene ackerman. >> madam clerk is there anything thing he else?
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>> no mr. president. >> meeting is >> good morning and welcome to the thursday, february 7th, 2013 meeting of the board of supervisors city operations and neighborhood services committee. we have been joined by supervisor yee, eric mar is in route. we also have been joined by supervisor scott weiner, we want to thank the clerk of the committee derek evans and we want to thank the following members of the stgtv staff who are covering the meeting today.
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jessy larson and melokian and we also want to welcome the member of the public that are here and who are watching. >> make sure to silence all cell phones and device and complete the speaker cards and copies of any documents that are included to part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. items today will appear on the february 29th agenda unless others stated. >> thank you and if you could call item number two, please? >> item number two is a hearing, calling on city agencies including the police department and district attorney's office to report about the increases in robberis on city streets and public transit. >> this is an item that has been introduced by supervisor weiner with my co-sponsor ship. >> thank you very much, there chairman and thank you for your support on this item.
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today, we are going to hold a hearing on robbery trends in the city. and specifically robbery trends around smart phones and tablets and electronic devices where we have seen a sharp and alarming frequency of those robberies sometimes turning violent. this is an issue really around the city, it seems like everywhere that i go, every community meeting that i attend, whether it is in my district or anywhere else. this is what people are talking about. and they are talking about it because it seems like almost anyone that you talk to in san francisco, these days, they, they either they have experienced something like this where a smart phone or tablet where they were robbed, or they know everyone who is experienced it or they know someone who knows someone. this is something that is impacting a lot of people,
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either directly or in directly and there is a high level of concern understandable related to these violent crimes. so, as i noted, these criminals are especially targeting people with mobile devices, more and more people are carrying smart phones, because i think that we all know that recent surveys show that 45 to 50 percent of adults own the smart phones nationwide, which is i am sure much higher here in san francisco, these devices costs hundreds of dollars and it is an ipad and it may cost 700 or 800 dollars making them valuable and visable targets for thieves. on muni, buses and light rail, the people with iphones and tablets are targeted at well. the thieves will wait until the doors are about to close on a
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bus or light rail and then grab the devices and run out of the door making it hard to pursue them. >> the thefts of these smart phones and tablets have become such a common practice in our city and cities across the country, that it has learned a name as recently reported in the new york times called apple picking. one study by the fcc 30 to 40 percent of robberies in several major cities involve cell phones, last year the sfpd reported that more than half of the 4,000 robberies between january and august in san francisco involved smart phones or tablets. new york city reported that more than 40 percent of all robberies involved cell phones, and los angeles, reported that 25 percent of all robberies involved cell phones. these robberies sometimes turn violent, whether or not the victim fights back. we have seen some very alarming instances, for example, in my district and the castro and in
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college hill, where people were attacked in addition to having their phones robbed. and these robberies don't just take place in central locations where people people congregate. recently, for example there was a rash of armed robberies of smart phones in corbit street in my district and a quiet residential area in broad daylight in the middle of the day. so people are understandable alarmed. we need to address this critical public safety issue by employing strategies and catching the criminals who are perpetrating these crimes and educating the public on how we can all, protect ourselves understanding that the police cannot be everywhere at the same time. >> we will have several speakers that will provide us with information about the state of the world in this particular area and what we are doing to address the problem.
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we have representatives from the police department, district attorney office, and from the mta. we did, anticipate that the ctia, wireless association would be able to attend unfortunately at the last minute there was an aunavoidable conflict and not able to be here today. i do know that both the police department and the da's office continued to work very closely with wireless carriers to coordinate and to see what we can do to make these targets or to make these phones and these tablets less appealing targets and i know that there has been a lot of talk about bricking, and finding ways for the phones to actually just be killed remotely. so that they don't have any value. i am sure that we will hear about that today. so colleagues, if there is no introduction comments, mr. chairman? >> thank you, supervisor weiner. i want to add a couple of points and i want to thank you
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for introducing this item and this is something that is happening not only in certain neighborhoods but it is actually happening city-wide and as you know, we had a community meeting in vernal heights a few days ago that was attended by supervisor weiner and avalos and myself and we had over 200 people who had been concerned. i think that it is really important to make sure that law enforcement in the city are doing everything that we need to but that the public also becomes more aware. i think that it was rod coming off of muni and trying to get
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an iphone taken from me. we as individuals can do to protect ourselves that are safer in terms of being alert of our surroundings and thank you for this and make sure that more people throughout the city are aware of what is happening. >> i know that there are a lot of businesses that have been targeted for robberies from banks to jewelry stores and most recently about two weeks ago, clement pharmacy in the outer as well. and so we are interested in the different strategies being used to reduce the number of robberies in our city, especially in our city as district. >> thank you. >> so now we will hear from the san francisco police department and commander senes is here?
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>> good morning, community members and the members of the community. my name is hector, senes and i am the director of the investigations in the san francisco police department. i prepared this to address the crime in general and including robbery and so i will just go this and point out our strategies to address specifically robbery and cell phone robberies in the city. we did notice that year to date statistics for 2013, 2012, there is no change in homicides as the committee did note. some of the strategies that we did use to combat the cell phone robberies and the zone
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deployments where we utilize uni formed and plain clothes to conduct them. the foot beats and etc.. with a series and a trend, we will meetly contact these teams and deploy them to the areas to sat rate these areas where we notice an uptick in robberies. we conduct operations with known offenders, so if we know individuals that are on probation or parole, we will target for continued enforcement to see if they are responsible for some of the ongoing robbery and to prevent any future robberies. again, we do saturation patrols in the neighborhood canvases and conduct under cover surveillances and recently a series of robberies on portland and we saturated that with uniform and under cover officers and we will do directed enforcements with buy bus programs and reverse and even decoy and robbery decoy operations and i can tell you
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in some of the operations my, officers have come back to me and tell me that they will sit there with specifically their cell phones and some of the more popular devices and see if they will be targeted but the reports that i get back is that there are so many people out there with the cell phone devices in their hands playing games or listening to music that it is going to be very hard for them to be specifically targeted for us to we do the tracking as well with the newer apps on the cell phone device and most recently, the court land series, we were able to obtain the account information from the vi


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